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Lender Systems, Inc. is dedicated to presenting the forefront of telematics and IoT technology. Our product lineup encompasses innovative payment assurance solutions along with cutting-edge vehicle tracking technology.

Our Products

Lender Systems, Inc. presents an array of products crafted and brought to market under the safeguard of numerous patents. These patents empower us to deliver distinct and unparalleled solutions. The technological portfolio of Lender Systems encompasses starter interrupt systems as well as cutting-edge vehicle and asset tracking technology.

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A tamper resistant, cash flow management and asset tracking tool that can help increase your auto loan volume and interest income. iPAY On Time is able to produce these positive results by providing a technology that enforces the commitment of borrowers to make their auto loan payments on time.


Vehicle tracking, repossession recovery and stolen vehicle recovery system.  Features include continuous vehicle tracking, heartbeats and unlimited geofences. Users of this device can also set boundaries, receive speed alerts, and maintenance alerts.



SHIELD is an innovative vehicle and asset tracking solution, utilizing the benefits of battery power with the ultra-low power CAT 1 LTE network. This device is designed for ultra-low power consumption with deep sleep modes in the micro-amps. 

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Risk Management & Payment Assurance

The purpose of Lender Systems’ solution is to provide an innovative consumer auto finance solution for lenders to grow and protect their auto loan portfolio. Due to the inherent risk associated by lending to the subprime market, risk management and more importantly risk mitigation must be addressed and considered. Our payment assurance technology is a leading solution for mitigating the risk associated with providing auto loans to the subprime auto finance market.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Lender Systems GPS tracking technology has the ability to lower the overall risk of financing a subprime credit borrower for buy-here pay-here dealerships and finance companies. Locating the vehicle ultimately makes the repossession process more timely and efficient.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Lender Systems’ solution provides consumers a state-of-the-art vehicle security and connected car technology with iLocate GPS. iLocate provides consumers not only a theft recovery tool but a technology that truly provides peace of mind. iLocate customers can know when their teenage driver, loved one or personal vehicle has exceeded a specific speed limit, has entered or exited a specific location (geofence boundary alert) and be alerted when their vehicle is due for maintenance.

Battery Powered GPS Tracking

Lender Systems' battery powered GPS tracking solution can be applied to any vehicle, motor cycle, power sport vehicle, trailer, or any other asset that requires tracking where the power source is better suited for a battery. Battery powered devices reduce the hassle of connecting wires therefore allowing for simple and quick installation.

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