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About Us

Lender Systems, Inc., headquartered in Temecula, CA, is a visionary company dedicated to delivering innovative and patented IoT technologies. Our main focus is on providing cutting-edge vehicle telematics solutions, specifically designed for automotive dealerships, automotive fleets, and financial institutions. Our telematic systems are engineered to enhance the driving experience of consumers by offering connected car features while prioritizing vehicle security, ensuring swift recovery in the unfortunate event of theft.


Discover our groundbreaking flagship solution, iLocate, an advanced innovation setting new standards. The iLocate software platform and mobile applications cater to enterprise-level requirements, offering user-friendly simplicity and a wide range of powerful tools, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity to your vehicle. Embrace the unmatched control and effortless connectivity provided by iLocate, delivering an unprecedented experience.


Lender Systems takes pride in its distinctive solution, featuring patented hardware and components. Our comprehensive package includes battery-powered asset tracking devices and hardwired devices, backed by the iLocate software application, which delivers a robust solution tailored to clients worldwide.

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