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About Us

Headquartered in Temecula, CA, Lender Systems, Inc., is a solution oriented M2M company with focus on risk management strategies for the non-prime and sub-prime financial market and advanced GPS tracking technologies for vehicle recovery. Its proprietary patented systems and solutions are used to secure and manage the sub-prime auto loan portfolios for buy-here-pay-here dealerships, credit unions and financial institutions.

Technology provided by Lender Systems is currently protecting more than $2 billion in auto loan portfolios and has been serving the industry for more than 15 years. The evolution of our technology has placed us as a world leader in reducing risk and liability in the portfolio collection and risk management process.

Our technology encompasses the use of numerous patents related to the IoT and M2M industry and include starter interrupt systems, anti-tamper systems, and GPS tracking technology. 

In addition to risk management technologies, Lender Systems provides cutting-edge GPS technologies for the purpose of helping dealerships, financial institutions and consumers. Our GPS products are designed to help consumers protect their vehicles and recover them in the case of theft.

Our commitment to service however, expands beyond our technological resources. We do much more…

The Lender Systems team is committed to mapping its technology to our client’s needs through unprecedented add-on service. We recognize that the success of Lender Systems is based on our clients increased productivity, cost reduction and return on investment.


Corporate Office: Lender Systems, Inc.
43391 Business Park Dr. Suite C4, Temecula, CA 92563 USA
Tel: +1(951) 693-2700 Fax: +1(951) 693-4100

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